Congressional vote to repeal Obamacare: Payback to the insurance industry – GOP Leaders in Congress tell the American people: “Don’t Get Sick”

(From the Campaign for Better Health Care)


CHAMPAIGN, IL –  On July 11th, the do-nothing Congress which has worked fewer days than any other Congress in modern times will be voting for the 31st time to take away health care security for the American people.  

“Obamacare does one very important thing:  Insurance companies can’t rip you off anymore.  Those who are fighting to gut the law today are doing the bidding of their high dollar donors from the insurance industry, plain and simple.” stressed Jim Duffett, Executive Director of the Campaign for Better Health Care.

The GOP leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives and those individual congresspeople who want to repeal Obamacare are sending a clear signal that their vote today will take away health care protections and safeguards for the American people.  

  • Tens of millions of seniors will have to pay thousands of dollars more a year for prescription drugs
  • Tens of millions of our children will now be discriminated against by the insurance industry for pre-existing conditions, and be kicked off their parents health care plans once graduating from high school or college
  • Millions of small businesses will lose tax credits now and in the future to pay for health care for their employees, and will be denied access to insurance through a large insurance pool called the Exchange
  • All Americans will be at the mercy of the insurance companies, who will be able to cancel their policies at any time, cap the level of medical coverage, and charge customers whatever they want
  • Women will be forced to pay 3, 4 or 5 times more in health care premiums
  • 30-35 million Americans will lose the shared opportunity and responsibility to purchase health insurance for themselves and their families
  • The federal deficit will increase by hundreds of billions of dollars; hundreds of thousands of Americans will face medical bankruptcy due to medical bills; and hundreds of hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities will close their doors

Duffett continues, “For tens of millions of hard working Americans and small businesses this isn’t a political issue, it’s a personal one.  Their health depends on it.  The taxpayers of America subsidize the health care costs of those members who will be voting to repeal Obamacare today by immorally pulling the health security rug out from beneath the feet of the American people.  Their alternative to Obamacare for small businesses and middle class families is – don’t get sick.  No wonder the GOP controlled House of Representatives have a favorable rating of 10%.  Shame on you,” concluded Duffett.