“Obamacare” upheld and Attorney General Eric Holder rejected

From the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
Pensacola, FL – As Governor of Alabama, George Wallace stated, My platform represents my constituents and the Dixiecrat policies. The Dixiecrat’s broke away from the Democrats to ensure there were no rights established for the Negroes of the South.
Now years later, some people cannot come to terms with the fact that an African American President, President Barack Obama, has worked diligently and acquired the necessary vote of the Supreme Court to establish the Affordable Care Act and the act is in fact constitutional. The only similarity here is the Affordable Care Act also represents the constituents, Obama constituents, the American People.
Now it has surfaced, The Dixiecrats are still trying to hold on to old policies of their constituents. America will not sit idly by and allow this group of U.S. House Members to attempt to embarrass the United States by attempting to embarrass the Attorney General with those same tactics of “If they are Black, hold them back!” We will take a stand in our communities and rebuke such racial action while this group is further displaying their intention without factual basis and prematurely convicting the Attorney General by placing him in Contempt of Congress.
They have said “Obamacare” is a penalty and a tax. Then let it be the same; we should have a penalty on parents who produce US House Members who continue to use ignorant, racist bigotry tactics in place of political rhetoric and policy decisions that further promote Americas future.
We should institute a penalty and a tax on parents who do not spend time to assist their children’s educational development or wellness.
“Be it resolved, to the years in the future, we do not have officials in office who bring the actions of shame and embarrassment in our communities of the past–to the future.”
In addition to Chairing the State of Florida SCLC, Art Rocker is Chair of Operation People for Peace, Inc.

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