Shut Down I.C.E. Pro-Immigrant and Anti-NATO advocates join forces

Dozens will travel from Chicago to Crete, IL today to face Immigration and Custom Enforcement Officials


CHICAGO, IL– Today (May 21), officials from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are coming to Crete to engage in a “public dialogue” about a proposed immigrant detention camp. The meeting will be facilitated by Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and it will be held at the Crete Sixth Grade Center, 760 W. Exchange St. Crete IL.

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Groups of pro-immigrant and anti-NATO advocates travel from Chicago to Crete to confront ICE officials. Organizers of the initiative state that “As members of the public, we feel invited to this public dialogue. However, while people are illegalized, there can be no dialogue – while communities are terrorized, there can be no dialogue – while ICE cages people even though lack of documents is NOT punishable by imprisonment, there can be no dialogue – while ICE pretends to uphold the law and yet operates above it, there can be no dialogue – we say No Dialogue with State Terror!”

WHAT: Gathering and Bus Ride from Chicago to Crete IL

WHEN: Monday, May 21 at 3:30PM (Buses depart at 4pm from Union Park)

WHERE: Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph St, (corner of N. Ashland and W. Lake)

Bus Ride is followed by an Action at the planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement public meeting, 760 W. Exchange St.  Crete IL, 5:30PM.


Seven weeks ago immigrants and immigrant rights advocates staged a 40-mile, three-day walk from Chicago to Crete to bring awareness to plans for a new 800 bed immigrant prison planned by ICE, Corrections Corporation of America and the village of Crete. The protest brought together local residents and immigrants opposing the plan, turning the small village of Crete into the epicenter of a national battle.  

Itinerary for May 21:

3:30 PM – Meet at Union Park, 1501 W Randolph St
[corner of  N Ashland and W Lake, CTA Green and Pink Line, Ashland stop]
4:00 PM – Bus departs Union Park

5:30 PM – Action in Crete IL at the “public meeting” held by ICE (760 W. Exchange St. Crete IL)
8:00 PM – Return  time

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