Four finalists competing for 13th District Republican vacancy

13th District Nominating Committee will vote on May 19th

Statement from Mike Bigger, 13th District Chairman:


The Nominating Committee for the 13th Congressional District Republican Vacancy convened today (May 5th) in Springfield, Illinois and heard the eight candidates present their case to be selected to fill the vacancy.

The Committee selected four finalists to be considered on May 19: Jerry Clarke, Rodney Davis, Erika Harold and Kathy Wassink.  On that date the Committee will then vote, by Republican Primary weighted vote, for the candidate of their choice.  The committee will carefully examine the candidates’ qualifications to be the Republican Nominee for Congress from the 13th District.

The Committee is confident that it will choose the best candidate to defeat David Gill and maintain the Republican majority in the Illinois delegation and in Washington, DC.