Where’re your plans for America, Mr. Romney?


Just A Thought


Romney in “attack mode” against President Barack Obama’s policies for the country leaves very little time for him to discuss his own agenda for America


By Juanita Bratcher


CHICAGO, IL – Every chance he gets – and that’s every time he’s out on the campaign trail or speaking with reporters or appearing at some political event – Mitt Romney hammers away at President Barack Obama’s “failed policies” (his words); yet, Romney has failed to tell us what his plans are for America if he is elected president. As of now, he has skipped and danced around the issues leaving voters practically in the dark as to what they can expect from a Romney presidency.

With six months to the General Election in November, the presumably Republican presumptive nominee has not stated any affirmative plan of action or any agenda to lead the country in contrast to President Obama’s other than that Americans will fare better under a Romney presidency based on his business experience. Therefore, he will be able to create jobs and Americans can look forward to a more robust economy.

While the economy is doing better and slowly moving in the right direction since Obama predecessor left office, it would be in much better shape now if Romney Republican colleagues in Washington had worked with President Obama and not resorted to being the party of ‘NO’ for the last three years. Nothing significant has come from this “DO NOTHING CONGRESS” which has a low favorability rating in most recent polls.

However, there is another eye opener about Romney’s campaign – a large presence of former Team Bush supporters and aides work within his campaign. According to news reports, Romney’s foreign policy committee consists of 24 members – 17 of which   worked with former Republican President Bush. So more likely than not, some of the strategy from yesteryear will permeate within Romney’s camp.

How long will voters have to wait for presumably Republican Presumptive Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to divulge his agenda for America?

When will we hear details about Romney’s plans on issues rather than taking voters on a continuous shaky ride about what the Obama Administration did or didn’t do?

Where are those alternative proposals (in opposition to Obama’s policies) Romney has to offer?

What is Romney’s vision for America?

What are his views on the issues?

Is being a businessman his key to the White House? I think not. What does he have in the way of a foreign policy background? Some seasoned Washington Republicans questioned Obama’s foreign policy experience in the 2008 presidential campaign. I don’t hear those questioners who raised concerns about Obama asking the same about Romney. You go figure.

What plans do Romney have to move the country in a different direction, away from President Obama’s?

Where is the beef?

As of yet, Romney hasn’t talked about any “real issues” in regards to where he wants to take this country. Even when he won five states in one of the last primary elections, most of Romney’s speech focused on Barack Obama.

Some years ago, there was an ad commercial that asked: “Where’s the beef?” Mitt Romney’s agenda is as slow coming as his income tax returns. Although he is seeking public office, Romney has a problem with releasing his returns. He even filed to extend his 2011 tax return.

For the most part, Romney has focused on President Obama’s record, attacking him for what he describes as Obama’s failed policies. “He didn’t start it, but he made it worst,” Romney said about the economy. Romney also stood behind a podium that stated, “Obama isn’t working.”

But in the game of politics: Just as Obama has a record to run on, so, too, does Mitt Romney.

Juanita Bratcher is the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com, the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for more than 35 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics.