Active Transportation Alliance supports ban on hand-held cell phones for drivers

 Active Transportation Alliance statement in support of HB 3972 


Tomorrow’s vote on HB 3972 could be a step toward safer roads throughout Illinois. If enacted into law, it would expand statewide the current ban in many municipalities on the use of hand-held mobile devices by motorists.

The legislation imposes a common-sense requirement that drivers remain focused on driving. No text, video or email message is so important as to risk a life.

Active Transportation Alliance was a leading champion for Public Acts 96-0130 and 96-0131 in the 2009 General Assembly session. These laws prohibited drivers from text messaging while driving, and from using hand-held mobile devices in school or highway construction zones. HB 3972 will build on the successes of those laws to impose a common standard statewide.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, using a cell phone while driving delays your reaction time as much as driving while intoxicated. This increases your risk of crashes by four times compared to other drivers. 

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