Congressman Allen West must apologize

(Letters to the Editor)


When Allen West said last week that nearly half of the Democrats in Congress were members of the Communist Party, no one could’ve imagined just what a firestorm he was creating.

Newspapers and TV stations from across the country denounced his dangerous, unstatesmanlike comments.  Even Brian Williams and Stephen Colbert got involved.

So what has West done in response?  Instead of attempting to make amends for his baseless claims, he doubled down – saying that anyone who fights in Congress for social justice, health care reform, and equity in the tax code is a Marxist or Socialist.

Please click here to sign my petition demanding that Allen West apologize for his backward-thinking, incendiary accusations.

I find West’s words deplorable and outrageous.  Those of us along Florida’s Coast need hard-working problem-solvers in Congress, not name-callers who drudge up 60-year old rhetoric from the dark days of our nation’s past.

Please view, sign, and share the petition here.  It only takes a few seconds to tell Allen West that we refuse to tolerate his brand of divisive politics.


Patrick Murphy, CPA

Editor’s Note: Patrick Murphy is a candidate for Congress.