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Liars, whiners and haters: They know who they are!

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On March - 27 - 2012

My two-cents worth

By Juanita Bratcher

Those distorting, making negative and misstatements about the Obama Administration were at it before his win to the presidency and continue to do so

Every day, a pack of lies, innuendoes and half-truths are being told and circulated by various individuals about the Obama Administration’s policies on energy, foreign policy, health care, the economy and anything else they can put a slant on. These lies are being told with devious intent – to downright confuse and misinform some in the general public that don’t know or understand the truth and facts about what is really going on pertaining to the Obama Administration’s policies.

These manufactured lies, half-truths and innuendoes about the Obama Administration’s policies make their round daily through the news media, cable TV and the Internet. The bottom line is that these devious messengers/villains deliberately manufacture lies and half-truths – knowing full-well what they’re doing, void of enough monitoring by the press (the mainstream media) to challenge, expose and take these lies on.

On the other hand, some of these incendiary voices have taken pot shots at the media, trying to undermine the media by labeling them as being bias in reporting and giving favorable preference to Obama, which is hogwash (not true); and they know that, too. But perhaps that’s another part of their scheme to misinform the public.

Certainly, no one is above criticism or above the laws of this country – that includes President Obama or anyone else, but criticism should be armed with facts and truths and not lies, innuendoes and half-truths.

People will lie and twist the truth for their own benefit and try to undermine those who are less informed. Too bad there’s no law on the book that would penalize those found of outright lying, specifically those in political offices, those seeking political offices and their political operatives.

Many of these incendiary voices have told unconscionable lies about the president being a Muslim, when Obama, right from the start, said he was a Christian. They accuse him of worsening the economy since his tenure in office, when there’s documented proof that the economy went downhill during a Republican Administration, and is slowly recuperating and on the way back to recovery under the Obama Administration. They call him a socialist, food stamp president, affirmative action president, that he’s afraid to stand up to Iran (this the man responsible for taking Osama Bin Laden and others out), in addition to questioning the validity of his birth certificate. Much of this talk can be categorized as “talking loud and saying nothing.” What happened to facts and truths? Criticism isn’t a bad thing when one is telling the truth, but these vicious lies, far from being factual, can’t even be filed under “half-truths”.

I’ve watched shows on network television and heard the lying yet, the liar was not challenged by the show’s host. That’s what good journalism is about – to shed light on the real truth and challenge those who deliberately lie about things or are misinformed themselves.

These incendiary voices have been on permanent duty before and after Obama’s win to the presidency, and they will continue to say any and everything and will do any and everything to try and take back the presidency of the United States from a Black man they never supported in the first place. And to do this, they are relying on millions of dollars in negative attack ads marketing to get their vile, misinformation out to the general public – registered voters in particular, and hopefully get Obama out of office. Remember what the “Swift Boaters” did to Presidential hopeful John Kerry’s campaign?

Never in my lifetime – and that’s been quite a few years – have I seen so many grown (adult) men – many of them old men and politicians, and yes, some women – whining and lying before the general public, knowing that what they’re saying is a bunch of lies. Most of this lying and whining is because a black man is president of this country.

Many of these liars, whiners and haters are adults acting like a bunch of kids that don’t know any better. But I also venture to say that some kids know better than these circus-acting incendiary individuals. They appeal to people’s frustration and hatred.

These incendiary voices would lead people to believe that President Barack Obama is responsible for high gas prices at the pump when in reality gas prices are set by the price of crude oil and now what is happening in the Middle-East. Further, crude oil is a worldwide commodity. It would probably be the same if a president other than Obama was sitting in the White House making decisions.

Derogatory, hateful name calling and relentless criticism are not cures for the economy or anything else, and neither one will get the job done.

But it’s amazing how these incendiary voices relentlessly badger President Barack Obama and at the same time try to kill-off his agenda to bring stability to the economy. We hear over and over again the phrase, “Any of the Republican candidates would be better than Obama.” In other words, they think that less qualified presidential contenders will get the economy back on track and take on other issues better than the sitting president. Really?  But those waiting for the economy to rebound are tired of the gridlock in Washington. And with Congress’ approval rating hitting rock bottom – 9 percent, it’s time to stop the gridlock in Washington and get this economy moving again in the right direction.

They try to sell the public a bill-of-goods that the Obama Administration is a “failure”. They believe that the  mere fact that they spoke it, it is now the absolute truth. But the actual facts dispute this, and they know it. They tend to be loose with facts and short on truth.

In the meantime, is it too much to ask that the lying and whining stop, that adults start acting like adults and stop acting like kids? Or is that pipe dreaming and asking for too much?

Juanita Bratcher is the Publisher of www.copylinemagazine.com, the author of several books, songwriter and poet. She has been a Journalist for more than 35 years covering politics, education and a wide-range of other topics.

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