Chicago black group asks U.S. Justice Department to investigate Trayvon Martin case under Hate Crime Act


Cops Actions look like a cover-up


Chicago, IL –  We Can, Inc., an organization of businessmen and women dedicated to improving the quality of life for African Americans, Friday called for the firing of Sanford, Florida Police Chief Bill Lee who along with the county prosecutor have stepped aside as public outcry for justice in the shooting death of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin continues to escalate.

“It is not enough that either Police Chief Lee or the county prosecutor temporarily recuses themselves from this investigation. Managerial responsibility starts at the top of an organization,” said Florence Cox, President of the We Can, Inc. Committee.

“The issue is why is George Zimmerman, the admitted shooter described as a neighborhood watch volunteer, not in jail? Why did Police Chief Lee not arrest Zimmerman who was told by police during his 911 call not to follow Martin who was coming home from the store carrying a can of ice tea and a bag of Skittles?

“Florida Governor Rick Scott has appointed a states attorney from Jacksonville to head the investigation, but that does not answer the questions of why Police Chief Lee failed not only to arrest Zimmerman for the shooting but also to test him for drugs or alcohol. Lee never bothered to interview Martin’s girlfriend who was talking to the victim on his cell phone at the time of the shooting.

“The behavior of Chief Lee smacks of criminal negligence because he failed to follow the law. Why is Police Lee giving Zimmerman a pass on this fatal shooting of an unarmed student? He needs to be fired because it looks like, it smells like a cover-up.” If the ethnicity of the shooter and the victim had been in the reverse, would the shooter have been charged and incarcerate immediately?

We Can, Inc. is calling on Governor Scott to do the right thing and fire Lee and anyone else involved in this apparent cover-up.

The parents of Martin are on point when they say if Martin had been white he probably would not be have been followed and certainly he would not have been shot.

We Can Inc. is also asking for the U.S. Justice Department to take over this investigation and to see if Zimmerman committed a hate crime.

The day of killing innocent blacks by other ethnic groups for nebulous or hate-filled reasons are over. This type of behavior cannot and must not be tolerated, and it is up to Gov. Scott to make a firm stand on this unfortunate incident and to say this type of behavior will result in the full application of the law.

We cannot permit this case to fade in the sunset. Trayvon’s senseless, untimely death has heightened the awareness of all parents that by virtue of ‘the conversation’ there is the present danger that we must fight to eradicate.