Congressman Rush helps four young new leaders win election

Says all seasoned pols should do the same 


By Chinta Strausberg 


U.S. Congressman Bobby L. Rush (D-1st) is proud to have endorsed and supported four young candidates who were running in open seats in the March 20th election.

Rush thanks his constituents who returned him to office, but he is also proud to have supported four candidates for the Illinois General Assembly who ran in open seats who also won: Christian Mitchell, 26th Representative District, Michael E. Hastings, 19th Senatorial District,  Napoleon Harris, 15th Senatorial District,  and Elgie Sims, 34th Representative District.

“All of these young men are grounded in their commitment to be of service to their distinct constituencies,” said Rush who said he is proud of having meaningful relationships with these candidates.

 “I am very proud of them and proud to be of  assistance in their successful campaigns.

“The many seasoned politicians should be able to identify and work with leaders of the next generation,” Rush stated. Rush believes that is the mark of a good leader—to identify aspiring leaders and help push them over the victory line.

Chinta Strausberg, Communications Director for the Re-Election of Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-1st)