Congressman Bobby Rush, pols, union, and clergy leaders endorse Napoleon Harris to replace outgoing Senator James T. Meeks

Harris surging strong in the race to replace Meeks


Riverdale, IL – Napoleon Harris, Candidate for Senate of the 15th Senatorial District- was officially endorsed by U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush during a news conference this weekend at Riverdale Marina in Riverdale, Illinois.

Rush was joined by Cook County Commissioner Debra Sims, Alderman Carrie Austin, Alderman Anthony Beale, popular Cook County Clergyman Bishop Larry Trotter, several Suburban Mayors, area Park District officials, area School District Officials, Unions and other area Clergyman, who also endorsed Harris for the post.

Over the past six months, Harris has successfully lobbied and received the support of Commissioner Sims and several Suburban Mayors. They include Hazel Crest Mayor Robert Donaldson, Harvey Mayor Eric J. Kellogg, Riverdale Mayor Deyon L. Dean, Phoenix Mayor Terry Wells, Dixmoor Mayor Keevan Grimmett, Calumet Park Mayor Joseph DuPar, Dolton Mayor Ronnie C. Lewis and Sauk Village Mayor Lewis Towers. “It is with great pleasure that I proudly endorse Napoleon’s candidacy for public office. His vision for more economic development for the 15th district is not just a slogan. He’s proven it by launching his successful business right in the heart of Thornton Township”, says Commissioner Sims.

Harris is also thrilled to receive the endorsements of the powerful 34th Ward Alderman Carrie M. Austin and 9th Ward Alderman Anthony Beale. Alderman Austin adds, “Napoleon Harris brings a breath of fresh air to our district. He has a keen sense of the problems facing many of our communities. But moreover, he possesses the right skill set in addressing these problems. I look forward to a wonderful working relationship with him.”

Recently Harris received the support of the Chicago Teachers Union. Many have pointed to Napoleon’s undying commitment to education as the basis for this very significant endorsement. He has often given of himself through his time or contributions to many of the schools throughout Thornton Township.

Harris has successfully secured endorsements from many Cook County Clergymen.  Among the popular group of ministers is Bishop Robert Sanders, Third Jurisdiction Prelate of the Churches of God in Christ. Bishop Sanders presides over nearly four hundred churches throughout the Chicago land area and Joliet. “Mr. Harris’s unique ability to bring businessmen, clergy and civic leaders together will be a huge factor in his success as our next Senator representing the 15th Senatorial District.” says Bishop Sanders

Bishop Larry D. Trotter, pastor of the 8,000 member Sweet Holy Spirit Church, has also decided to personally endorse Harris, “Napoleon shares my vision for a meaningful economic engine not only for the 15th District, but for neighboring districts as well. His accomplishments in Harvey demonstrate his ability to attract other businesses that will prove the type of viability that many of our communities’ desire,” added Bishop Trotter.

In response to these huge endorsements, Napoleon states: “Our Campaign is thrilled to receive the support of such powerful Elected Officials, area Clergymen and Unions. I am humbled and gracious to the fine work these individuals and groups provide to our District. These endorsements also reflect the diversity of the 15th District. We will continue to deliver our message of bringing Illinois back to basics.”

Endorsement Statement of U. S. Representative Bobby L. Rush:

I am pleased today to formally endorse the candidacy of Napoleon Harris as the next State Senator of the 15th Legislative District of Illinois.  I support Napoleon because I firmly believe he has the Capacity, Commitment and Compassion to represent the people of the 15th District in the Illinois General Assembly.

As a graduate of Thornton Township High School, Northwestern University and the Entrepreneurship Center of the Kellogg School of Management, Napoleon has the capacity to tackle the often complex and detailed legislative issues in Springfield.  He possesses the requisite skill set to articulate issues on behalf of the 15th District.

Napoleon understands the value of a quality education and what it means in the life of an individual.  I support his “Expanding Pre-School for All (PFA)” initiative because early
childhood education does have a significant and positive impact on our children’s future academic performance.

I also support his desire to promote the recently enacted state “Diversity in Engineering” scholarship program at Southland high schools to ensure as many Southland students as possible are considered for the scholarships.

As a senior member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, I have been an ardent supporter of federal Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programming and I look forward to working with the Senator to increase the representation of minority groups in these fields.

As a successful businessman, Napoleon is demonstrating his continued commitment to his community.  He understands what is needed out here: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!  When Napoleon closed out his NFL career he had options AND a communications degree from Northwestern.

There were many places he could have chosen to live, BUT his commitment was to the community that nurtured him, that gave him his foundation and because of that commitment he returned her and when people told him he couldn’t run a successful business in Harvey…

He opened his restaurant despite the naysayers and today his businesses are a success, but more importantly he’s providing employment opportunities for families in the Southland.  I support his efforts to take the newly created Illinois College Technology Entrepreneur Centers program that authorizes board of trustees of public universities and community colleges to create technology entrepreneur centers and them here in the 15th District.

We need to create more entrepreneurs in our community and Napoleon has the demonstrated ability to help make that happen.

Finally, I believe that no one can be a true public servant (and I have been fortunate to serve in this capacity for over 4 decades), if they are not a people person. I have shared this with Napoleon and I firmly believe he has a compassion for people.  His work through his Napoleon Harris Foundation, the House of James Shelter and Restoration Ministries are a true demonstration of his love for helping and serving people.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “everyone can be great, because everyone can serve” and I believe that in Napoleon Harris, his greatness won’t be achieved because he graduated from Northwestern University, although that is great; nor because he played in the NFL, although that is great; neither because he will be elected as the next State Senator of the 15th District, although that will also be great.

His greatness will come in serving people and he has shown he is capable and willing to be a servant of the people and that is why I stand here today to endorse his candidacy for State Senator of the 15th Legislative District of Illinois.

Bobby L. Rush

Member of Congress