State AFL-CIO endorses candidates for Primary Election


Illinois’ largest labor organization to activate member-to-member program

Representatives of local and statewide labor organizations met in Burr Ridge to endorse candidates for the March 20 Primary Election in Illinois.
More than 100 representatives make up the Illinois AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) that issues endorsement recommendations to the federation’s Executive Board. The Board ratified the endorsements later on Tuesday.
Topping the endorsement list were Democratic candidates for U.S. Congress including Bobby Rush (1st District), Jesse Jackson, Jr. (2nd), Dan Lipinski (3rd), Luis Gutierrez (4th), Mike Quigley (5th), Leslie Coolidge (6th), Danny Davis (7th), Jan Schakowsky (9th), Bill Foster (11th), Brad Harriman (12th), Matt Goetten (13th), Dennis Anderson (14th) and Cheri Bustos (17th).
The Illinois AFL-CIO also endorsed in primaries for General Assembly, as well as Appellate Court races.

The delegates thoroughly discussed and debated merits of getting involved in these races,” Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael T. Carrigan said. “This election is crucial to working families both on the state and federal levels. As our state and country starts pulling out of recession, rebuilding the middle class and closing the income gap have to be top priorities.”
Carrigan said the state federation would boost the campaigns through its Labor 2012 program.

“We have nearly two million registered voters out of union households in this Illinois,” Carrigan said. “In many of these areas, union families can and will directly affect the outcome of vote.””

Other endorsements are:

For the Illinois Senate

1st Tony Munoz – D

2nd Willie Delgado – D

3rd Mattie Hunter – D

4th Kimberly Lightford – D

5th Annazette Collins – D

6th John Cullerton – D

7th Heather Steans – D

8th Ira I. Silverstein – D

9th Daniel Biss – D

10th John G. Milroe – D

11th Martin Sandoval – D

12th Steven Landek – D

13th Kwame Raoul – D

14th Emil Jones, III – D

15th Donna Miller – D

16th Jacqueline Collins – D

17th Donne Trotter – D

18th Bill Cunningham – D

20th Iris Martinez – D

22nd Michael Noland – D

25th Steven Hunter – D

28th Dan Kotowski – D

30th Terry Link – D

31st Melinda Bush – D

34th Dan Lewandowski – D

36th Mike Jacobs – D

38th Tom Ganiere – D

39th Don Harmon – D

40th Toi Hutchinson – D

42nd Linda Holmes – D

43rd A,J. Wilhelmi – D

46th Dave Koehler – D

47th John Sullivan – D

48th Andy Manar – D

49th Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant – D

52nd Michael W. Frerichs – D

54th Danny L. Stover – D

56th William Haine – D

57th James Clayborne,Jr. – D

59th Gary Forby – D

For the Illinois House

1st Dan Burke – D

2nd Edward Acevedo – D

3rd Luis Arroyo – D

4th Cynthia Soto – D

5th Ken Dunkin – D

6th Esther Golar – D

8th LaShawn Ford – D

9th Art Turner – D

10th Derrick Smith – D

11th Ann Williams – D

12th Sara Felgenholtz – D

13th Gregory Harris – D

14th Kelly Cassidy – D

15th John D’Amico – D

16th Lou Lang – D

17th Laura Fine – D

18th Robyn Gabel – D

19th Rob Martwick – D

20th Michael McAuliffe – R

21st Albert Cacciottolo – D

22nd Michael Madigan – D

23rd Michael J. Zalewski – D

24th Lisa Hernandez – D

25th Barbara Flynn Currie – D

27th Monique Davis – D

28th Robert Rita – D

29th Thaddeus Jones – D

30th Will Davis – D

31st Mary Flowers – D

32nd Andre Thapedi – D

33rd Marlow Colvin – D

34th Elgie Sims, Jr. – D

36th Kelly Burke – D

38th Al Riley – D

39th Toni Berrios – D

55th Martin J. Moylan – D

57th Elaine Nekritz – D

60th Rita Mayfield – D

62nd Sam Yingling – D

67th Chuck Jefferson – D

68th Carl Wasco – D

71st Mike Smiddy – D

72nd Pat Verschoore – D

74th Donald Moffitt – R

76th Frank Mautino – D

77th Angelo “Skip” Saviano – R

78th Camille Lilly – D

79th Katherine Cloonen – D

80th Anthony DeLuca – D

83rd Linda Chapa LaVia – D

84th Alex Arroyo – D

86th Jack McGuire – D

95th Brad Gillespie – D

98th Natalie Manley – D

103rd Naomi Jakobsson – D

111th Daniel Beiser – D

113th Jay Hoffman – D

114th Eddie Lee Jackson – D

116th Jerry Costello II – D

117th John Bradley – D

118th Brandon Phelps – D



1st App. Ct. Nathaniel House, Jr. – D

1st App. Ct P. Scott Neville, Jr. – D

1st App. Ct William Boyd – D

1st App. Ct Maureen Connors – D

5th App. Ct Judy Cates – D