Clergy for Community Change (CFCC) to hold Prayer Vigil at the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

Chicago, IL —In the spirit of the Holy Season and the New Year, the CFCC is holding a prayer vigil outside of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, 1100 South Hamilton Avenue, 11 a.m., Wednesday, December 28, 2011, to show the youth they are loved and are not forgotten.
Led by Rev. Kenyatta Smith, President of the Clergy For Community Change (CFCC), he will be joined by Chicago Bulls Super Star Bob “Butter Bean” Love who is also the Community Affairs Director for the Bulls, Dr. Earl B. King, former NBA player and Chairman of the No Dope Express Foundation (NDEF) and a number of clergy.
“We will pray for the young men and women for them to become productive citizens of society and overcome the barriers that have caused them to be placed under these confining circumstances,” said Rev. Smith. “We want to pray for our children so they will have programs that will prevent them from being housed in facilities like this.
“We want them to know they are loved and we care for them. We must give them hope that programs and jobs are on the way that are needed to help turn their lives around,” he stated.
Love said, “Education first, sports second. We must take the leadership that will prevent our young people from living in these kind of conditions.”
Clergy for Community Change is encouraging all parents and family members to join this coalition for this momentous prayer vigil.