IL GOP Chairman responds to court decision on Congressional Redistricting case

Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady released the following statement regarding the Federal Ruling on the Congresional Redistricting Case:

“I was very disappointed with the ruling today (December 15, 2011).  Not only did the Democrats blatently abuse the power granted to them by Illinois voters, but the serious issues in the case regarding Latino disenfranchisement were thrown by the wayside.”

“This map has never passed the smell test from day one –  Pat Quinn and Mike Madigan have been the only ones who have consistently said with a straight face that this is a fair map.”

“The partisanship that was on display during this process was sad considering that this map will affect legislation and taxpayers in Illinois and at the Federal level for many years to come. The consequences of this map are yet to be seen, but I’m sure that it will not result in the giant power grab that the Democrats planned when they schemed up this gerrymandered and completely unfair map.”

“We will continue to fight for the principles that drove us to fight for the fair map alternative to the Democrat map. At the end of the day, Springfield and Illinois Democrats have proven themselves so toxic that Republicans will still have a tremendous year in 2012.”