Black criminal defense attorney releases new urban fiction novel – "Reasonable Facsimile"


Durham, NC ( — Guys have you ever felt left out when your woman is reading Zane. Gloria Naylor, or Omar Tyree? Finally there is an urban fiction novel for you!

Reasonable Facismile by Chris Shella is the story of Jasper Davis a down and out lawyer in Baltimore Maryland, a 40 something lawyer hanging onto the bottom rung of life. He is the bottom feeding ambulance chasing chronically drunk shyster he always feared that he would be. He was kicked out of his comfy home because his wandering eye and other wandering body parts kept him from being faithful. He is no longer the top flight trial attorney he once was. He spends more time in the strip clubs on the infamous Block than he does in court.

His best friends are the drug addicts, the dealers and the psychopaths he represents. Suddenly one of his psychos is accused of beating a 72 year old man to a pulp, and then shooting that old man to death on the streets of Baltimore. Jasper is in the saddle again and somehow has to figure out how to save his clients.

During this trial, his worst nightmare comes true as his disreputable life comes to light and he goes from being defense counsel to suspect – all while trying to regain his old life, juggle several women, and saving his own hide. Can Jasper Davis save his client ? Can he save himself?

About The Author

Author Chris Shella is a graduate of Morehouse College and the University of Texas Law School and started his legal career in Long Island, New York at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. He is admitted to the practice of law in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and North Carolina. Shella is also admitted to the federal court in the Eastern District of North Carolina, the Middle District of North Carolina, U.S. District of Columbia, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals, the Eastern District of New York, and the Southern District of New York. He is currently pending admission to the Bar Of The United States Supreme Court. He and his cases have been covered on Court TV, CNN, and in the New York Times, and other media outlets across the globe. His two most famous cases are the Vegan Baby Case and his defense of the Duke Lacrosse Case accuser for the alleged murder of her boyfriend. Find out more about the author at or


About The Book

Published by Digisoda Publishing, Reasonable Facismile is available as paperback ($12.99) and ebook ($9.99) at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and iTunes.

To purchase, visit Amazon ( or Barnes & Noble (

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