Media Consultant: Amistad Communications is on the move

Matteson, IL – Since 2008, Amistad Communications, LLC has made an impact on the community and is now producing television shows that are currently being aired on WUPC TV-4, in University Park, IL.

“I’ve always wanted to explore other aspects of the media, and television was one of the avenues I wanted Amistad to take upon,” said Media Consultant James Worthington, Amistad Communications. 

Worthington served as producer for the shows which aired on WUPC TV-4, University Park. The shows are “Fade to Black” and “Nite Life”, and  “Inside South Suburban Sport” is presently in production.

“Fade to Black” is a community-based talk show which deals with issues in the community. A wide-range of guests that have an effect on the community make appearances on the show.

“Nite Life”, a socially networking type of show, deals with nightly events happening in the community, and “Inside Suburban Sports” deals with youth sports – football, baseball and basketball.

Said Worthington: “Amistad Communications will continue to be active in the media circle” and will continue to cover the public relations section of the media. Public relations will continue to serve as the  base of Amistad Communications, LLC.

Amistad Communications is one of the co-sponsors of the Mecca of Motivation Radio. This show is broadcast on 102.3 radio every Monday night at 9:00 p.m.