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Trying to “browbeat” President Barack Obama out of office?

Posted by Juanita Bratcher On November - 7 - 2011

By Juanita Bratcher

Early on in President Barack Obama’s Administration, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said that “the single most important thing (he) wants to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.” Certainly, he hasn’t backed away from the statement since he’s repeated it several times after making it.

South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint said the Republican Party would make President Obama’s health care legislation “his waterloo.”

McConnell is not alone in his effort to make Obama a one-term president, the eight Republican presidential contenders have all echoed the same declaration during their many presidential debates.

If the Minority Leader and other Republicans want to reach that goal of making President Obama a one-term president, they better hope a stronger presidential contender enters the race because the eight major candidates that have tossed their hats into the ring already and have participated in Republican debates might not be able to make that declaration come true.

When taking a look at the Republican presidential candidates, most of them are unelectable and some of them come across like a circus in many of their views, saying some of the most outrageous things imaginable. Even polls have shown that a large number of Republican voters are not that enamored with their candidates and would like to see a stronger candidate in the race that would have a better chance at ousting Obama.

The one-term president issue is a clarion call for presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. When Bachmann threw her hat into the Presidential ring she bellowed that President Barack Obama would be a one-term president. She has consistently taken that same message with her when speaking to crowds at political rallies or forums. Nonetheless, Bachmann will end up being a “no-term” president. She must know that she is not qualified to even be in the running for president.

Bachmann’s motive all along was to use her candidacy as a platform to say “in your face” remarks about the president, the same as her Republican colleague, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. I don’t believe that Palin ever had intentions of running for president even though she led her supporters and the media along. Why? Because she knew she wasn’t qualified and doesn’t have the capability to be president. Likewise, she also knew that she couldn’t win even if she had tossed her hat into the ring.

It would be hard pressed for many of the Republican presidential contenders to extend their support beyond their own conservative base and the Tea Partiers, those likely to be in their column, but they would have a hard time trying to get the support of independent voters or a cross-over vote from frustrated Democrat voters. And it takes more than Tea Party voters to elect a president.

Taking a look at the Republican presidential candidates:

  • Mitt Romney: Flip Flopper (plays both sides of the fence), animated, can’t move his numbers up
  • Ron Paul: Dire-hard perennial candidate
  • Rick Santorum: Trying to find his way through the political maze but no one is listening
  • Michele Bachmann: Totally out of her league
  • Herman Cain: Don’t take me serious, a lightning rod
  • Rick Perry: Not ready for national prime time, inarticulate
  • Newt Gingrich: Still stuck in the “political wreck” of the past when Speaker of the House
  • Jon Huntsman: Needs a following, he’s left behind in the political shuffle, according to polls

Making Obama a one-term president is certainly their prerogative, no one is questioning that, but there are so many other priority issues that are being left on the back burner. Certainly, that energy can be used elsewhere like dealing with many of the pressing problems that are facing this country and in special need of attention – a lagging economy, a debt crisis years-down-the-road-long, an outcry for jobs, housing foreclosures. Those are issues that need to be dealt with – along with goals to move this country forward – creating jobs to put people back to work, and not of wrecking the country and running it in a ditch just to make Obama a one-term president. And for those who want to defeat the president, deal with that in 2012. There’s a lot that can happen between now and the 2012 election.

There are 14 million Americans without jobs. On another note, there are 25 million unemployed and underemployed (including the 14 million unemployed) Americans. Why not make it a priority to put Americans back to work and get this economy moving in the right direction?

President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act, legislation that would create about 1.7 million jobs, but Republicans in Washington have voted ‘no’ on the measure, even when it was chopped up into pieces (voted on each one individually). Those jobs entailed rebuilding the infrastructure, jobs for teachers, firemen and policemen – and they were all voted against by the Republican majority in the House. Yet, Republicans have stood steadfast on no tax increase for the rich in this country.

Obviously, Washington Republicans are trying to browbeat President Obama out of office. And certainly, this is one of their key strategies to try and make Obama a one-term president. And, it is a continuation in their efforts to try and make Obama’s “waterloo” a reality.

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