Religious Meditations: We continue to celebrate God’s birth

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Christ came not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

This time of the year for many people is endearing, but for what reason? That becomes the question! For some it’s a reason to purchase gifts, prepare a lavishing meal for the family and friends, a new-look for the house, a trip we’ve long wanted and, being able to receive and give bigger gifts than last year.

In the midst of all these special holidays, have we thought about giving a gift to the person that the day was designed for? After all, Christ came into this world to save those that were lost, and to redeem the hearts of those who might have strayed.

God, through His son Jesus Christ, left His riches in Glory, came to earth, laid in a manger built for animals… Just for you and me. This was our Savior’s day of birth!

He was the child for which Christ-mas is centered, but no longer is a child!

We continue in 2011 to celebrate His birth, but what can you give this giant of a spirit who has everything? The answer is to give of yourself and wrap it in love! But better still, the best gift to give our Lord and Savior is a surrendered heart. He would delight in that!

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is Founder & President of Probation Challenge, Inc. and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network. WWW.ProbationChallenge.Org – ‘The Truth Network’

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