New book claims that U.S. churches have failed African Americans; compelling black men to convert to Islam

Nearly two million African Americans are Muslims, with at least 90% of these individuals identifying themselves as former Christians (Pew Research).


What’s happening and how should the church respond?


Raleigh, NC ( — “Radical Islam is pursuing the souls of African American men,” according to Carl Ellis, Jr., author of S.O.S Saving Our Sons: Confronting the Lure of Islam with Truth, Faith and Courage (Imani Books). In his new book, he urges the African American community to “wake up and take action now”.

Consider these facts:

* Whether in their neighborhoods or prisons, African-American men are 150% more likely to convert to Islam than other Americans.
* One-third of African American men in prison convert to Islam during their incarceration.

According to Ellis, there are five pivotal questions African American Christians should ask and answer:

* What is Islam?
* Why has Islam developed so successfully in the African American community?
* How to protect our churches and communities from Islam’s pursuit?
* How should the Christian community respond to Islam?
* What should be the Christian community’s long-term goals?

S.O.S Saving Our Sons: Confronting the Lure of Islam with Truth, Faith and Courage is a direct examination of the issues and responds to these and other critical questions with facts, suggestions and ideas that will help readers begin to address Islam’s ever-growing challenge to African American congregations and communities.

Daniel Pipes, the well-known expert on Islam, writes, “Increasingly since 1980, African American converts to Islam have been engaged in Islamist terrorism. With its sound information and insights about the Nation of Islam and other Muslim groups serving as a conduit to such violence, Saving Our Sons can help those urban communities that stand between their young men and the dangers of radical Islam.”
About The Book:
Saving Our Sons
Carl Ellis, Jr.
$17.95, 132 pages
6 x 9, Hardcover w/ dust jacket
ISBN: 978-1-934056-74-5

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