Illinois State Senators Garrett and Schoenberg endorse Democrat Brad Schneider for Congress (IL-10)

Northbrook, IL – Earning the endorsement of two respected State Senators, Democratic Congressional Candidate Brad Schneider continues to emerge as the frontrunner in the March primary for Illinois’ Tenth District.  Longtime leaders Senators Susan Garrett and Jeff Schoenberg both announced their support for Schneider.

“Brad’s energy, business experience, and commitment to the values of the Tenth District residents are what we need in Congress, now more than ever,” said Garrett. “I am confident that Brad’s voice in Washington will be our voice and that our priorities are his priorities.”

“The Tenth District needs Democratic priorities in Congress.  Brad understands that we must grow our economy, continue to invest in our future, and also preserve key safety-net programs for people today and generations to come,” said Schoenberg.  “We must replace the slash and burn proposals of the extreme right with the kind of ideas and collaborative solutions Brad brings,” continued Schoenberg, contrasting Schneider to incumbent Republican Robert Dold who has stood consistently with extreme Republicans including voting to end Medicare and defund Planned Parenthood.

The Tenth District is widely viewed as a solid pick-up opportunity for Democrats.  Under the new congressional map, the district shed critical Republican-leaning jurisdictions and now encompasses more liberal areas.  Schneider is well-positioned to unseat Dold, who, despite a Republican tidal wave in 2010, barely eked out a win.

“Democrats need to win this race, and I am honored that Senators Garrett and Schoenberg have placed their confidence in my campaign,” said Schneider.  “I am working every single day to win the trust of voters across this district, because we need responsible leadership that reflects the needs and values of the hard-working families of the Tenth District.”