International Olympic Committee awards Sport For All Grants to three outstanding projects


The International Olympic Committee has awarded Sport for All Grants to Eco Sports Group, the National Hundreds-City and Thousand-Village Health Qigong Demonstration and Exchange Series and Ethiopia–Sport Builds Bridges at the 14th World Sport for All Conference, currently being held in Beijing.

The Sport for All Grant was created by the IOC Sport for All Commission to acknowledge and further encourage the implementation of high-quality programmes in the field. The grants awarded to the three projects related to the main topics of the conference, during which Beyond Sport Founder Nick Keller chaired a panel of the three grant recipients on Wednesday 21st September.

Nick Keller commented: “Being awarded the International Olympic Committee’s Sport for All Grant is not only a mark of the success of these projects, but a chance for them to take that success to a whole new level in the future. Beyond Sport would like to congratulate the three winners on securing the recognition of such an important organisation as the IOC, and add our voice to the praise they richly deserve.”

Eco Sports Group provides water-based activities which give disabled persons and amputees – most of them the survivors of land mine explosions – and their families a chance to experience much higher level of mobility as well as therapeutic counselling.

The National Hundreds-City and Thousand-Village Health Qigong Demonstration and Exchange Series is sponsored by the Health Qigong Administrative Centre of the General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Health Qigong Association. The project, which is designed to meet the various exercise needs of people in a wide range of different conditions, is held in 100 cities and 1,000 counties and villages nationwide from April to November.

Ethiopia-Sport Builds Bridges focuses its resources on the prevalent social issue of street children in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. With more than 60,000 children living on the street, Ethiopia-Sport Builds Bridges acts as a home during the day, an educational facility, a training ground, and a place to bring the children and their relatives together again.