Bay Area Author's Best-selling Novel Advances to the Stage

“Sweet Bye-Bye” The Stage Play
Sept. 15-18, 2011 | Berkeley Black Repertory Theatre


Each Show’s Proceeds Benefit a Bay Area Non-profit Organization



“With her high-paying job, all the money and clothes she wants, as well as the “perfect” fiancé, Chantell Myers thinks she has it made. Sure, she’s never really at peace with herself, but Chantell learned long ago how to hide her pain, and she almost believes looking good is more important than being real.  Then, her father has a near-fatal heart attack. Suddenly, Chantell is promising God she’ll be a better person if her dad pulls through …,” explains “Sweet Bye-Bye” author Denise Michelle Harris.




SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA / STOCKTON, CA – Stockton, CA native and current San Francisco Bay Area resident, Denise Michelle Harris continues to break new artistic grounds. Her gripping, amusing and inspirational inaugural novel “Sweet Bye-Bye” earned its place on the Top-seller List just two weeks after its debut, and also found a home among Walden Books African American Bestsellers. The book’s popularity, entertainment quality and compelling message were key to Harris being offered an opportunity to develop a script for a theater production adaptation of her bestselling novel.  Performances of “Sweet Bye-Bye” The Stage Play will run from Thursday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept.18, 2011 (six performances) at the Berkeley Black Repertory Theatre, 3201 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA. For tickets, group sales and theater information, visit or 510-652-2120.


Denise Michelle Harris

The play’s cast of superb Bay Area performing talents include Ayo Robinson, gifted actress and granddaughter of baseball icon Jackie Robinson (as lead character diva “Chantell Meyers”); Elisha-Micah Butler IV, Oakland native acting, modeling and voiceover artist (as “Eric Summit,” Chantell’s imperfect boyfriend); Robert Brown-Miller, actor and veteran runway model (as “Keith Rashaad Talbit,” Chantell’s long lost male friend); and Jeanene Cannon, “She’s Got the Look” modeling competition reality show finalist (as “Tia,” Chantell’s closest girlfriend). Season 10 “American Idol” finalist Johnas Street will have a walk-on role.



Meet Chantell Meyers. She’s a twenty-something successful advertising executive who is all about appearances. Chantell was just five years old when her mother died, twelve when her grandmother died and a year later her best friend Keith Rashaad Talbit moved away. Chantell remembers being told that bad things happen in threes and by the age of 13, she had suffered three major losses. To further complicate things, she was taught not to cry and not to talk about her mother. These are the things that shaped Chantell’s life.


Because she was so afraid of losing someone else she loved, she had problems developing relationships. She had one person she could call a true friend, Tia. Her relationship with her boyfriend Eric was empty at best, but due to her fears she suffered through the relationship that was going nowhere.


Chantell found herself attending church and making changes in her life after her father suffered a near fatal heart attack. The most unpopular change was when she decided to cut off the sexual encounters with Eric. She began to take a deep look inside her life and found she needed to bring closure to those things troubling her, mainly regarding her mother. Also, during this time, Keith Rashaad Talbit returns to her life. He sees potential in Chantell that she cannot see in herself. Unfortunately, until she is able to come to terms with her past she is unable to move forward.



“Harris delivers the quintessential chick lit heroine… She shows us how to become a woman after God’s heart!”Romantic Times Book Club Magazine

“Compelling…Breezy…Laced with humor…We embark on a spiritual journey with Chantell as she finds peace in her spirit through God.”
Atlanta Daily World


“Sincere, authentic, heartfelt, sweetly powerful: These are just a few words that describe Harris’ depiction of Chantell’s journey … quiet and unimposing this is Christian fiction at its best … In her debut novel Denise Michelle Harris bestows upon the literary community a gift: A beautifully realistic story of a woman who learns when to say bye-bye.”   The Rawsistaz Reviewers



“Sweet Bye-Bye” The Stage Play is a Sean Vaughn Scott Production; written by author and playwright Denise Michelle Harris; co-directed by Harris and Tavia Council; adapted from Harris’ best-selling novel “Sweet Bye-Bye,” a Warner Books – Hachette Book Group 2004/2007 novel.



Denise Michelle Harris is a national best-selling author. Born and raised in Stockton, California, Harris earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication from California State University, Hayward and Masters Degree in Creative Writing from New College of California.


She has been a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. since 1996, and served as one of its first chapter Connection Committee Chairpersons. Additionally, Harris was named among Who’s Who in America in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Book tours with her debut novel “Sweet Bye-Bye” have taken Harris to numerous cities throughout the continental United States, and numerous local and national publications have featured Harris and her works. She is currently working on her sophomore literary offering—a follow up to Sweet Bye Bye—and also looking forward to taking her play on tour.