Illinois GOP Chairman: GOP changing conversation with Debt Deal and Spending Cuts


Chicago, IL – Today, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady released the following statement regarding the debt ceiling deal:

“While it isn’t perfect by anyone’s standards, I want to applaud Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell for achieving a deal that cuts spending by more than the debt ceiling is increased while holding the line against new Democrat tax hikes,” said Brady.  “Just weeks ago the President and Washington Democrats wanted a blank check to continue their out-of-control spending but Republicans stood firm and said no.”

“This debt ceiling debate is proof Republicans have changed the discussion in Washington – no longer are we talking about how much to spend in trillion dollar stimulus plans or Obamacare, we are debating how much to CUT spending. Republicans are governing as we campaigned by reigning in spending and standing up to the Democrats’ reckless fiscal policies and this is a perfect example why elections matter and why we must elect a Republican to the White House and a Republican majority in the Senate, as well as retain our Republican majority in the House.”