Author focuses much-needed attention on healing from grief

Why Are So Many Suffering in Silence? It’s Time for Survivors and Supporters to Talk About Grief

Denise Hall Brown, author of 2Grieve 2Gether


Frederick, MD ( — People often grieve in silence. It is common for people to feel isolated and alone when they mourn. But there is healing in support. Denise Hall Brown saw a need to promote the power of relationships and resources to aid in the healing process, starting with the publication of her first book, 2Grieve 2Gether: A Journal from the Heart Helping Survivors and Supporters Navigate the Healing Process (ISBN 9780983317005).

When Brown was 29, her mother was killed by a drunk driver. She lost her 5-month-old son tragically 10 years later. Since then, she’s buried her husband and an aunt who was like a mother-figure to her. From each hardship, Brown learned that grief is not something you ever get over, rather you get through. She experienced firsthand the wide range of emotions brought on by the rawness of grief. She has learned to be gentle with herself through each ordeal.

The premise behind 2Grieve 2Gether is that grief is a process that should not be handled alone. The book is unique in addressing both Survivors (those who are dealing with the death of a loved one) and Supporters (those who are trying to help them). The book is a compilation of journals that Brown kept following the deaths of her loved ones. The engrossing entries, followed by insightful reflections and tips on dealing with grief, show the highs and lows of her emotions in the days and months and years after the deaths. The book also includes helpful resources to assist the bereaved and their supporters.

According to Brown, anyone who has dealt with the death of someone close to them, or knows someone who has, can benefit from this book. “I wrote 2Grieve 2Gether because I’ve met so many people who are hurting and even more who want to help someone who’s grieving but are unsure about what to do. In this book, readers get a very real glimpse of what I experienced following the deaths of my loved ones and what both survivors and supporters can learn and apply as a result.”

Brown will discuss and sign copies of her book on Wednesday, August 3, 2011, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Delaplaine Center, 40 South Carroll Street, Frederick, MD. There will also be a memorial balloon release.

For more information, contact the author at or 888-378-0202.

About Denise Hall Brown

Denise Hall Brown spent 20 years working in the insurance industry. Five years of that time was spent directly helping clients with their life insurance needs and the recovery that happens after someone dies. During that time, she experienced the deaths of four family members and committed to learning as much as possible about grief. Denise currently attends Hood College in Frederick, MD, where she earned a Certificate in Thanatology, the study of death and bereavement, and is currently working toward her Master’s Degree in that field. 2Grieve 2Gether is her first book. To learn more about the book, visit