Formal training for childcare providers on Sudden Infant Death Prevention mandated by new legislation

(From SIDS of Illinois, Inc.)                                                                                                        



Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc. executives are pleased to announce the passing of their second bill in two years.    Signed into law by Governor Quinn on July 6, 2011,  this law requires child care providers in Illinois to have training on Sudden and Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and safe sleep.  Experts believe that this legislation may result in fewer babies dying in child care and in their own homes.


IL HB 2099, now Public Act 97-0083, sponsored by 85th District Representative Emily McAsey (D) of Will County, mandates that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services require licensed child care providers to be trained every three years on the nature of sudden unexpected infant death, SIDS and the safe sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Pam Borchardt, Co-Executive Director of SIDS of Illinois says, “According to research, 20% of babies who die of SIDS die in child care. We have already made progress among providers who choose to take training-now that it’s required, we anticipate reducing that number even more.”  Borchardt sees the legislation having an impact on parents as well.  “Not only does this empower providers to care for infants under a year old without fear, but they will be better equipped to help new parents choose the best techniques to help prevent sudden infant deaths and ensure safe sleep.”


“More than 2,000 babies a year tragically die as a result of SIDS, a devastating number that can be reduced with greater awareness,” McAsey said.  “Training and education are the most important and critical tools we have to ensure that child care workers have the knowledge they need to prevent SIDS and help protect the safety of newborn babies.”

“It is important that those who work with our children possess the most up-to-date health and safety information,” said Governor Quinn.  “This legislation ensures that child care workers in Illinois will be able to continue providing the highest standard of care.”


 On July 20, 2010, Governor Quinn signed into law the first bill initiated by Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois Inc. House Bill 5930, now Public Act 96-1116, which requires birthing hospitals in Illinois to provide parents or legal guardians of a newborn verbal and written free information about SIDS and best practices for infant safe sleep.

 “It is very exciting to have our second bill signed into law by Governor Quinn.  If it hadn’t been for parents, Robin and Giovan Cullotta, contacting their state representative, Emily McAsey, to get HB5930 up and running, it would have been much harder for SIDS of Illinois staff to get hospitals on board with standardized safe sleep for baby education,” said Nancy Maruyama, RN, Co-Executive Director of SIDS of Illinois, Inc.


“After the loss of my daughter at a child care provider, I was alarmed to learn that during the continuing education process safe sleep methods were not a requirement.  All too often child care providers, as well as parents rely on what they learned from their parents, grandparents and others who are not aware of the new findings of how to keep children safe. .This new law will honor the life of my daughter and save babies’ lives,” says Giovan Cullotta.


Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc. offers bereavement support to about 200 families each year throughout the State of Illinois.  In addition, the organization provides educational materials and training to new parents, expectant parents, grandparents, coroners, physicians, first responders, child care providers, healthcare professionals and representatives from various community organizations.  Sudden Infant Death Services of Illinois, Inc. offers more than 500 free Safe Sleep workshops throughout Illinois each year.  Safe Sleep guidelines, research reports, educational materials and bereavement support can be obtained at  Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, the offices can be reached by phone toll free in Illinois at 800-432-SIDS (7437).