Illinois GOP responds to Gov. Quinn’s signing of Congressional Redistricting Bill

Chicago, IL – Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady released the following statement regarding Governor Pat Quinn’s signing of the Illinois Democrats’ Congressional Redistricting bill:

“Governor Quinn has lost all claims to the label ‘reformer.’ This bill is a crass, partisan political move to silence the voices of Illinoisans, who last November made it very clear that they wanted to fire Nancy Pelosi by electing a majority Republican Congressional Delegation from the home state of President Obama.”

“This map is a national – not just a local – example of gerrymandering. Pat Quinn is the only one who could stand up with a straight face and say it’s a fair map.”

“I hope that the courts will overturn these maps as an unfair representation of the citizens of Illinois.”

“They released these proposals late on Fridays, passed them on Holiday weekends and sign them into law with no public signing ceremonies on Fridays to avoid media and public scrutiny. That alone speaks volumes.”