Comptroller Topinka: Do not play games with jobs, projects

  Comptroller pushes lawmakers to address capital bill                                                                              

Springfield, IL – Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka released the following statement in response to Governor Pat Quinn’s intention to shut down state road and capital projects on June 17. Topinka has asked legal counsel to review the matter, and implored state leaders to work together to prevent a capital project shutdown:

“My message to fellow state leaders is simple: do not play games with capital projects and the jobs they bring to Illinois. These initiatives not only maintain our roads, bridges and transportation network, they also provide good jobs, and support tens of thousands of families across our state. It is one thing to limit state spending on construction, but quite another to stop payment on projects already underway.

“My office will continue to pay state contractors for as long as legally possible, but ultimately this question must be addressed by the General Assembly and Governor. If that means calling an immediate special session, so be it. One thing is certain: our families and businesses are already struggling and paying more than ever before to state government; they deserve better than to be subjected to a high-priced game of legislative chicken over the capital bill.”