Jesse White Awards Penny Severns Summer Literacy Grants to 38 Public Libraries

Springfield, IL — Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White has awarded Penny Severns Summer Family Literacy grants to 38 Illinois public libraries to provide important literacy services this summer.

 “My dear friend the late State Senator Penny Severns believed as I do that every citizen of this state should have access to quality literacy programs that promote lifetime learning and help them achieve their utmost potential,” said White. “These grants have helped thousands of parents and children with limited literacy skills, and I am pleased that the Secretary of State/Illinois State Library Literacy Office can once again make them available.” 

The Penny Severns Summer Family Literacy Grant Program is intended to improve the basic reading, math, writing and/or language skills of parents and children during the summer months when many educational programs may be closed. Services include reading programs and interactive, reciprocal learning experiences that parents and children participate in together. A total of $169,668.00 was awarded and distributed among 38 public libraries.

 A list of libraries receiving grants:

 FY11 Penny Severns Summer Family Literacy Programs

Alpha by city


The Penny Severns Summer Family Literacy Grant Program aims at improving reading, math, or English language skills of low literate and limited English proficient parents and children during the summer.  Services include reading enrichment and interactive, reciprocal learning experiences that parents and children participate in together.  38 public libraries were awarded a total award of $169,668.00.


City                                Library                                                                              Award

Augusta                           Greater West Central Public Library District                         $3,982.00

Aurora                             Aurora Public Library                                                          $4,800.00

Bellwood                         Bellwood Public Library                                                       $3,000.00

Benton                             Benton Public Library District                                              $4,800.00

Berwyn                           Berwyn Public Library                                                         $4,775.00

Biggsville                         Henderson County Public Library District                             $4,800.00

Cahokia                           Cahokia Public Library District                                             $4,500.00

Carbondale                      Carbondale Public Library                                                    $4,320.00

Carthage                          Carthage Public Library District                                           $4,800.00

Chester                            Chester Public Library                                                         $4,800.00

Colchester                       Colchester District Library                                                   $3,982.00

Collinsville                        Mississippi Valley Library District                                        $4,800.00

Decatur                           Decatur Public Library                                                        $4,800.00

DeKalb                            DeKalb Public Library                                                         $4,800.00

Elkhart                             Elkhart Public Library District                                              $4,800.00

Fairmont City                   Mississippi Valley Library District                                        $4,800.00

Fulton                              Schmaling Memorial Public Library District                           $4,757.00

Glen Ellyn                        Glen Ellyn Public Library                                                     $2,443.00

Harrisburg                       Harrisburg Public Library District                                         $4,800.00

Herrin                              Herrin City Library                                                              $4,793.00

Homer Glen                     Homer Township Public Library District                               $4,800.00

Joliet                                Joliet Public Library                                                             $4,800.00

Littleton                           Greater West Central Public Library District                         $3,982.00

Marion                             Marion Carnegie Library                                                      $4,800.00

McLeansboro                   McCoy Memorial Library                                                    $4,250.00

Moline                             Moline Public Library                                                          $4,741.00

Monmouth                       Warren County Public Library District                                  $4,800.00

Mount Prospect                Mount Prospect Public Library                                             $4,800.00

Peoria                              Peoria Public Library                                                           $4,800.00

Plainfield                          Plainfield Public Library District                                           $2,060.00

Robbins                           William Leonard Public Library District                                $4,800.00

Robinson                          Robinson Public Library District                                           $3,568.00

Saint Elmo                       St. Elmo Public Library District                                            $4,800.00

Skokie                             Skokie Public Library                                                           $4,800.00

Venice                             Venice Public Library                                                          $4,125.00

Villa Park                        Villa Park Public Library                                                      $4,790.00

West Frankfort                 West Frankfort Public Library                                              $4,800.00

Wheeling                         Indian Trails Public Library District                                      $4,800.00