New book series explores the contributions of Black soldiers in World War II

Novelist Lewis Kelley

Denver, CO ( — In his newly released Auslander series, Lewis Kelley’s, Foreign Son, and its sequel, Flight, explores the contributions of black soldiers to the forefront. Vince LaSalle is a hero for the ages. The honorable and determined soldier’s exploits during the segregated days of World War II, together with his fiancée, Vierna, drives the contributions of African Americans to the vanguard of the reader’s consciousness, while revealing a complex world of espionage, betrayal, and common humanity amongst the diverse characters.

Books2Mention magazine had this to say about Foreign Son when it was first released as Auslander. “This riveting novel, by Lewis Kelley, is an action packed read that will have you hanging on every word…”

The New Critic, Hampton, Virginia wrote. “This book hits a home run…It’s almost like “Saving Private Ryan” meets “A Soldier’s Story.”

Simeon’s Promise – falsely accused of a brutal rape by the mentally disturbed Nadine porter while in college, Simeon Carver emerges from Leavenworth Penitentiary after fourteen years, straight into the company of the Caucasian daughter of the current Secretary of State. A promise to his newly deceased parents mandates that he forgive Nadine and learn to love her like a sister. The improbable reconciliation takes an unforeseen twist when Nadine disappears shortly after Simeon’s release. Now it is left to Simeon and a cast of others to find her before it is too late.

Consider Job – His family torn from him, his body, and soul broken, Damion Garner experiences hell on earth. When the devout husband is tested by the Devil with God’s permission; the modern man of faith discovers himself alone in his misery. Reviled by a once loving wife and an indifferent world, Damion has no idea what has happened to him. He knows only that like the biblical Job, he is at the mercy of powers beyond his control. Will his restoration be as miraculous?

Lewis Kelly is a United States Army veteran and current Firefighter. He is also a former collegiate football player, track athlete, and longtime coach. He lives in Denver Colorado. More about Lewis Kelley and his novels can be found at