Prediction: There will be no “avalanche” or “landslide” against Democrats in Today’s Election



By Juanita Bratcher 


CopyLine Magazine did not conduct any polls on today’s election – crunching numbers as to what the possible outcome would probably be. I never professed to have that kind of expertise, and frankly, I’ve never had that much confidence in polls. Yet, my basic instincts and gut feelings about this election are that there will not be a “landslide” or “avalanche” – as  has been reported – against Democrats in today’s (November 2, 2010) election. That said, if I’m proved to be wrong after the dust settles (votes have been tallied), I will clearly walk up to the plate and admit what would now be evitable.

 But for some reason or another, I have faith in the American people, the voters, that they will forcefully push back and turn away from extremist candidates and strongly reject their messages. However, it would be foolhardily and remiss, of course, to dismiss the fact that extremists have their supporters, too. There are some whose ideology fits right in with theirs and they will strongly support them and their views. But my prediction is that several of the supposedly “shoo-in” extremist candidates will surprisingly be turned back in their tracks at the polls.

 Secondly, I believe the media’s gloom and doom of Democrats in this election has really fired up a “fighting spirit” amongst many of those in the so-called “silent majority”, and they will make it a point to go to the polls to buffer that predicted effect of gloom and doom by the media.

 For certain, Democrats will lose some seats in this mid-term election. It’s possible they will lose control of the House. But right now nothing is marked in concrete…stone. Everything is still up for grabs. So don’t pop the bottle cork just yet.