Miller Campaign: Illinois must make a clear choice in Comptroller’s race

(From the Miller Campaign)

Dolton, IL – “As the campaign enters its final days, voters in Illinois must make a clear choice in the Illinois Comptroller’s race,” said David Miller. “As Illinois Comptroller, I will bring transparency and open government, something my opponent is not known for. My opponent’s time in office is full of examples where she needed to pay more attention and keep a closer eye on our state.”

The Southtown Star said in its endorsement of David Miller.

a solid reputation as a smart and driven individual focused on reforming the way Illinois funds its schools.

we feel it’s time to develop new leadership that can tackle today’s problems

The Bloomington Pantagraph said in its endorsement of David Miller

works well with members of both parties and hasn’t been afraid to buck his party’s leaders.

On balance, Miller has the edge and would bring new blood, a quiet competence and a commitment to bipartisan change

Judy Baar Topinka is running on her experience, but voters should look closer at her record.

“Let’s look at where she could have stepped in and demonstrated real leadership,” said Miller. “She has had opportunities to stand up and protect the people of Illinois, yet she let those chances slip by.”

Topinka serves on the board of the Regional Transportation Agency. That board is responsible for oversight of the tax dollars spent for public transportation in the Chicago region. Yet its Metra Rail system has been rocked by scandal.

“Serving on a board requires asking tough questions, looking behind the paperwork and protecting the taxpayers with your own vigilance.” said Miller.

“During this campaign, when faced with news that one of her campaign donors was banned from doing business with the state, she kept the money.” said Miller.

“When given a chance to act, she chose to not lift a finger and  continue the get along, go along way of business in Springfield. She even supported a deal for political corny Bill Cellini, where the taxpayers bailed out his failing hotel.”

“I began my public service career by beating a political machine, I have stood up to my own party’s leadership and fought for the people. I am proud that organizations and individuals throughout our state have recognized the need for someone new to take on a statewide leadership role.”

“I ask the people of Illinois for their vote and together we can fix our government. Turn it from enriching the family and friends of the powerful and return it to the people.”