Elected Latino officials and business leaders rally to support the Democratic Party of Illinois

Prominent elected Latino Officials and Business Leaders are joining together to endorse and support the Democratic statewide ticket of candidates in the general election.
State Representative Luis Arroyo of the 3″1 District of Illinois states, “The Latino vote is critical to the success of the democratic ticket to winning many of the local, county, and statewide office elections.”
Illinois has a Latino population of 2,053,000. In Cook County the Latino population is 23.9% which translates to one in five people. There are 100,000 Hispanic-owned businesses in Illinois.
The Latino vote will be a major factor and will make a difference in the outcome of the elections. They are united in the belief that the Democratic Party best represents their community and their needs such as, good paying jobs, equal access to a good education and affordable housing.
Gilbert Villegas, Chairman of the Hispanic Political Action Committee of Illinois states, “The Latino community has a voice and will be heard loud and clear at the general election. We will continue to fight to ensure the Latino community is represented and our issues are addressed.”
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